Platinum Reasoning Contest 2018 For African Students

Platinum Minds Global Company is now accepting entries for its 2018 Reasoning Contest from students of any registered institutions within Africa. Deadline for submission of entries for the Platinum Reasoning Contest 2018 is 30th July, 2018.

Platinum Reasoning Contest

Platinum Minds Global Company presents to you Platinum Reasoning Contest 2018 (Africa).

AFRICA is a continent blessed with great minds and people with amazing abilities and potentials waiting to be discovered and maximized.

We aim to achieve a contest where students from all tertiary institutions providing them materials with different tasks to perform. It may be in form of production of gadgets that can solve the problem of man power in industries , addressing problems peculiar to economic crisis of the country, solving the problems of fading agriculture in Africa and other countries thereby making the world as a whole a better place.

The contest is open to students in tertiary institutions(all levels) across Africa universities,polytechnics, monotechnics, colleges, midwifery and other schools above primary education.

The contest will be in THREE STAGES The first two are online exams (normal reasoning questions not restricted to any discipline) That is, starting from the quarter final to the semi final. Then the final round is the physical exam in different zones. 

For the physical exam, students will be tested on, new innovation presentations, catch it soon,memorizing large numbers within the shortest period of seconds and recalling it back. etc. People will also get to showcase their talents in music, arts, science, and other amazing gifts they’ve got.

The major reason behind this contest is to get to promote education in Africa, bring out the in-built talents in young ones, placing their hands on technological advancements of Africa and to help Africa grow.

There will be venues in major countries in Africa, only the ceremony for winners, ambassadors, and well wishes will take place in Eko Hotels and Suites, Nigeria. 

Practice questions will be available for all successful registered candidates on the website.

Do you have further questions or having trouble applying? Kindly mail us at: 
[email protected]

Application closes July 30, 2018.

Apply Here Official Link

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