McCain Institute Next Generation Leaders (NGL) Program 2020/2021 [Fully Funded]

McCain Institute is now accepting applications from character-driven leaders from the United States and around the world for its 2020/2021 Next Generation Leaders (NGL) Program. The deadline for submission of applications for the McCain Institute Next Generation Leaders Program is 7th February, 2019.

McCain Institute Next Generation Leaders Program

The program is designed to identify, train, network and empower a diverse group of emerging, character-driven leaders from the United States and around the world.

The program offers a unique blend of professional development, exposure to top-level policymakers and formal training in leadership. At four junctures throughout the year, the program provides hands-on training focused on values, ethics and leadership, media and communications skills; and best practice examples of American business, political and civic life.

A key aspect of the program is each NGL’s preparation of an individual Leadership Action Plan (LAP). Aimed at defining the tangible steps and actions the NGLs will take to bring about positive change in their home communities, the LAP becomes the central project of the development year.

McCain Institute Next Generation Leaders Program Eligibility.

  • Open to mid-career professionals from the United States and around the world;
  • Participants should have a decade or more of career experience. There is no specific age requirement, however, typical NGLs range from 30 to 45 years old;
  • Applicants should possess working proficiency in English with a high-degree of professional, academic and work achievements;
  • Applicants must demonstrate commitment to highest level of ethical leadership, show decisive recommendations that substantiate their leadership qualities, and make a commitment to return to their home environment at the end of the program year;
  • Additionally, participation in the NGL program is contingent on approval of a J1 U.S. visa. English proficiency is a requirement for this visa.

McCain Institute Next Generation Leaders Program Benefits.

  • The McCain Institute provides each NGL a stipend that covers all standard living costs for a year. Each participant receives the stipend amount monthly, covering expenses such as rent, utilities, food and any other regular costs. The stipend amount varies depending on the cost of living in the participant’s placement city;
  • Added to the stipend is travel allowance that NGLs may use for professional travel in support of their LAP’s during the program year. The overall stipend is separate from the program related cost, such as travel to and from leadership training modules, module lodgings and per diem for the duration of program modules are covered by the McCain Institute separately. Per visa regulations the McCain Institute also covers health insurance and workers comp.

How to Apply for McCain Institute Next Generation Leaders Program.

Interested applicants can apply or nominate someone for the program.

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