Google Impact Challenge Nigeria 2018

Google Impact Challenge Nigeria is now accepting submission of proposals to create economic opportunity from eligible nonprofits and social enterprises in Nigeria. Deadline for submission of application is July 4, 2018.

Google Impact Challenge Nigeria

Google is proud to have a presence in Nigeria–as we have for the last ten years–and our teams have been inspired by the exceptional work taking place throughout the country. The Google Impact Challenge is about fueling innovation to support our community and amplify the impactful work of local nonprofits and businesses.

The Google Impact Challenge Nigeria is an open invitation to nonprofits, social enterprises and businesses in Nigeria to share their vision for innovative ways to make our community stronger and create social impact, with a specific focus on increasing economic opportunity. We call on the public to vote from among 12 selected finalists for the project they believe will have the greatest potential for impact in the community. Winning organizations receive grant funding and Google training to help turn their ideas into reality.

Who’s Eligible for the Google Impact Challenge Nigeria?

To be eligible to enter the Challenge, your Organization must meet the criteria listed below (“Eligibility Criteria”):

  • be a legally registered Nigerian business or nonprofit;
  • suggest a project with a clear charitable purpose, as determined by Google and/or Google’s donor advised fund, the Tides Foundation (“Tides”), in their sole discretion;
  • not discriminate against any person or group of people in either hiring/employment practices or in the administration of programs and services, including on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or ethnicity;
  • agree that if you receive an Award, it will not be used for religious instruction.

Google Impact Challenge Nigeria Benefits.

Each of the four winners will receive a $250,000 grant and training from Google. The remaining 8 finalists will receive a $125,000 grant.

How the Google Impact Challenge Nigeria Works.

how Google Impact Challenge Nigeria works

Google Impact Challenge Criteria.

  • Community Impact: Does the proposed project create economic opportunity in Nigeria? Does it improve the lives of people in our country?
  • Innovation: Does the project present unexpected solutions to unmet needs?
  • Reach: Does it have the potential to scale directly or to serve as a model for other communities? Will its scope grow over time?
  • Feasibility: Is the project plan (or business plan) well thought-out, and the team well-equipped to execute on it?

Google Impact Challenge Timelines.

Application Period” is defined as beginning at 12:01 a.m. WAT on May 23, 2018 and ending at 11:59 p.m. WAT on July 4, 2018

Notification and Marketing Production Period” is defined as the period on or about October 15 through October November 25, 2018

Voting Period” is defined as a three week period after Finalists have been announced in which public voting is conducted to select the People’s Choice Winner

Google Impact Challenge Requirements.

Your Organization’s Application must meet the following Application Requirements:

  • It must not be derogatory, offensive, threatening, defamatory, disparaging, libelous or contain any content that is inappropriate, indecent, sexual, profane, indecent, tortuous, slanderous, discriminatory in any way, or that promotes hatred or harm against any group or person, or otherwise does not comply with the theme and spirit of the Challenge.
  • It must not contain content, material or any element that is unlawful, or otherwise in violation of or contrary to any applicable federal, state or local laws and regulations where the Application is created.
  • It must not contain any content, material or element that displays any third party advertising, slogan, logo, trademark or otherwise indicates a sponsorship or endorsement by a third party, commercial entity or that is not within the spirit of the Challenge, as determined by Google, in its sole discretion.
  • It must be an original, unpublished work that does not contain, incorporate or otherwise use any content, material or element that is owned by a third party or entity.
  • It cannot contain any content, element, or material that violates a third party’s publicity, privacy or intellectual property rights.
  • It must be in English.
  • Your Organization must meet the Eligibility Criteria above.

During the Application Period, Google, its agents and/or the Judges (as defined below) will be evaluating each Application to ensure that it meets the Application Requirements.

How to Enter Google Impact Challenge Nigeria.

To enter the Challenge, visit the Challenge Site during the Application Period and provide the information requested following the instructions for submitting the online application (“Application”). The Application must meet the “Application Requirements” described above.

Apply Here Official Link

LIMIT OF ONE (1) APPLICATION PER ORGANIZATION, EXCEPT IF THE APPLICATION IS SUBMITTED BY A COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY. If multiple Applications are received for a single organization, except for universities and colleges, only the last application submitted will be considered. Colleges or universities that are otherwise eligible may submit multiple applications provided that no more than one application is submitted per individual faculty or staff member authorized to represent the college or university. All Applications must be received during the Application Period. Applications are void if they are in whole or part illegible, incomplete, damaged, altered, counterfeit, obtained through fraud, or late. All Applications will be deemed made by the Authorized Account Holder of the email address submitted at the time of entry, and the person submitting an Application may be required to show proof of being the Authorized Account Holder for that email address. The “Authorized Account Holder” is the natural person authorized by the Organization to submit an Application and assigned to an email address by an Internet service provider, online service provider, or other organization responsible for assigning email addresses for the domain.

For more info, please contact Google at [email protected].

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