British-American Tobacco (BAT) Battle of Minds Global Intern Competition 2018

British-American Tobacco (BAT) is now accepting submissions for its 2018 Battle of Minds Global Intern Competition. 
Can you set the business world alight with your creativity and commercial thinking? Would you like to win a prestigious internship and a trip to the London Headquarters of global FMCG innovator, BAT? Prepare to enter the Battle of Minds.

British-American Tobacco (BAT) Battle of Minds Global Intern Competition

Battle of Minds challenges you to put together a team, form an original business plan and compete with students across the globe. It’s a huge opportunity to show us why you’re the future of business, testing your desire to collaborate and determination to win. Research your market, develop a product idea and convince us of its success, and your prize will be a prestigious three to six-month internship at BAT. This will be a paid job, making you an important part of the exciting projects taking place at our company. The experience and exposure to senior figures this gives you is exceptional, because if you’re successful, you’ll have the chance to become one of our global graduates!

All you need to do is show us what makes you BAT material. Leadership and desire to be a top-performer are good qualities, but to really succeed in this challenge, you should prove you work well with people who have different abilities and perspectives. They can be friends or classmates; you simply have to team up with students who, like yourself, are driven and possess a variety of business skills. BAT is an international company with employees from all over the world. Our strength, as one of the FTSE5 companies, lies in working together to produce extraordinary, new ideas. Now it’s your turn to do the same!

BAT Battle of Minds Global Intern Competition Eligibility.

This Competition is free to enter and open to all participants who meet the following criteria (“Entrants”):

  • Students aged 18+ at universities (or equivalent institutions) (“University”) located within Eligible Countries (as defined below) studying for a bachelor’s degree (or other equivalent courses) at that University, or who have completed their studies at their University less than one year before the Closing Date (as defined below).
  • Only students studying (or who have formerly studied) at institutions in the countries set out at Eligible Countries in these Competition Terms and Conditions (“Eligible Countries”) will be entitled to participate in the Competition
  • The Competition is not open to the following:
    • current or former interns of BAT, or of any affiliate, partner and/or subsidiary of BAT;
    • current or former employees (whether full or part-time, permanent or temporary or otherwise), agents, consultants or contractors of BAT or of any affiliate, partner and/or subsidiary of BAT;
    • anyone professionally connected with the Competition or with BAT or any affiliate, partner and/or subsidiary of BAT;
    • immediate family members of (or persons living in the same household, whether related or not, as) any such individuals referred to above as not being eligible to participate; and
    • anyone who has already worked in a professional capacity or otherwise acquired professional experience (other than through short-term internships or similar).
  • Entrants should be aware that all communication relating to this Competition shall be in English, and all entries to the Competition are required to be submitted in English. Entrants should ensure that they have a sufficient level of spoken and written English to be able to enter this Competition, as translations will not be provided by BAT.

BAT Battle of Minds Global Intern Competition Benefits.

Win An Internship:

Join us, learn more with world-class professionals for mentors and get your career off to an incredible start. An internship with BAT will prepare you for our Global Graduate Programme – and from there the sky is the limit!

Make Connections:

Network with senior leaders in our business. Gain exposure most people only dream of and meet current interns who will tell you what it’s really like to progress in a highly diverse, global company.

Fly To London:

Winning teams from each global region will visit our international HQ, all-expenses-paid! Come and see how one of the world’s most successful businesses is transforming an industry.

BAT Battle of Minds Global Intern Competition Requirements.

If you’re a Bachelors student, you may sign up to take part in Battle of Minds. Your team must consist of two to three people – no more or less, and they must all be Bachelors students studying in the same country. And when the time comes to present your business plan, all team members must feature together in the video. Please remember, your video must be:

  • 5-7mins
  • In English
  • 10GB max – MOV or MP4 file

Plus, your written document must be provided as evidence of your business plan:

  • 2,000 words max
  • In English
  • 5MB max – PDF, DOC or DOCX file
We will be judging your videos on the following 6 criteria: Strength and originality of your idea; depth of research; business feasibility; business plan quality; presentation skills and teamwork; and number of votes.

How to Enter BAT Battle of Minds Global Intern Competition.

In order for an entry to be valid, Entrants must register themselves and register their Additional Entrants (as defined below). Any Entrant that does not complete ALL of these steps by the Closing Date will not be able to take part in the Competition. Late entries will not be accepted.

To participate in the Competition, you should register yourself using the online form  from 5 March 2018.  Entrants must form teams comprising themself and one or two other Entrants (following the eligibility criteria set out above).  All Entrants in a Team must be attending (or have attended) Universities within the same country.

After an initial Entrant has registered, that Entrant will be contacted by BAT and shall be invited to register the additional one or two Entrants who will be the other members of their team, at the URL found in the email sent by BAT. The initial Entrants must have the permission of the Additional Entrants before registering them, and by registering Additional Entrants, the initial Entrants confirm that they have the permission of these Additional Entrants to register them for the Competition, and to share their personal information with BAT. If any Additional Entrants are registered without their permission, the Entrant that registered them (and that Entrant’s Team) will be disqualified from the Competition.

Registered teams of Entrants are referred to in these Competition Terms and Conditions as “Teams”. Teams should comprise two to three Entrants total.  Teams that are larger than three Entrants or that only comprise one Entrant will not be allowed to participate in the Competition. Please note that other Team members will be contacted via email, following their registration by the initial Entrant, and will be given the opportunity to opt-out of the Competition. If they do not opt-out by 15 March 2018, they shall thereafter be treated as Entrants for the purpose of this Competition, and shall be deemed to have accepted these Competition Terms and Conditions. Any Additional Entrant that opts out of their entry to the Competition before the Closing Date will not be entitled to take part in the Competition. For the avoidance of doubt, any Team that contains fewer than 2 Entrants at the Closing Date will be disqualified from the Competition.

Teams will be automatically assigned to a BAT Direct Reporting Business Unit (“DRBU”) depending on the location of their University. For details as to which DRBU your University will be within please see the table at Schedule 1.

BAT will not accept responsibility for Competition entries that are lost, mislaid, damaged or delayed in transit, regardless of cause, including, for example, as a result of any equipment failure, technical malfunction, systems, satellite, network, server, computer hardware or software failure of any kind.

BAT will not accept Competition entries that are:

  • automatically generated by computer;
  • completed by third parties or in bulk;
  • illegible, have been altered, reconstructed, forged or tampered with; or
  • incomplete.

You may only make one application to participate in the Competition.

By entering the Competition you agree not to provide false or misleading personal information in relation to you or any other person. You must not under any circumstances register your participation, or that of any other person, under a false identity.

Apply Here Official Link

Apply Before: 1700GMT on 15 March 2018.

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